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Study Tips

Distance education can sometimes be difficult and daunting for some students, so we have produced some advice and studying skills that our students can use to help them through the course. By sticking to the simple rules below our students should be able to get the most of their studies in the most time efficient manner.

Time management/plan your time

Planning and time management will ensure that your studying is completed in the most efficient way eliminating procrastinating. Some key elements to consider when planning your studying would be:

  • • Evaluate the best time to study within your current schedule
  • • Plan a time to study that will have the least distractions
  • • Ensure that your study time will be when you are completely focused
  • • Set achievable goals within your plans


Set deadlines for yourself

During distance learning, there are usually only vague completion deadlines to complete the course. Setting personal deadlines will help complete work consistently. It is important to set deadlines that are realistically achievable that could be flexible if you have other commitments.


Get organised

Organising yourself will help reduce wasting time whilst you are studying. Make sure you have everything that you might need during your studying time. It is easy to become preoccupied with other distractions away from your work if you are not fully organised.


Find out what style of learning suits you

There are several different type of learning styles, by evaluating the type of learner you are will help you understand the best way you can absorb the information within the course, The learning types are:

  • • Visual Learners – Learn by seeing written/picture material.
  • • Auditory Learners – Learn by hearing or discussing.
  • • Kinesthetic Learners – Learn by demonstrating.


Evaluate your own progress

Throughout your studies, it is important to assess your own progress to see if you are completing the course in the timeframe you expected as well as understanding and learning the information provided. This is a simple process which can include evaluating your time management and deadlines that you ma have previously set.


Make sure you are in the right mind frame

To ensure that you get the most out of your study it is important that you are in the right frame of mind, otherwise your mind will drift and you will become easily distracted. A simple task may take over twice as long if you are not focused.


Control your studying environment

Your studying environment is crucial to performing successful studying. You can control where you choose to study, and ensure that the environment is distraction free from television, your phone, internet and other


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