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Student Drop Box FAQs

Why am I not submitting my assignments through Student Drop Box?

Student Drop Box is a new method of submitting assignments, so is only being used by students enrolling into the course following May 2013. Existing students will be transitioned over to this method shortly after this period, and will be informed of this as soon as this happens.

My password does not work, how can I reset it?

Your password can easily be reset on the homepage. Click on ‘Forgot Password’ and a new password will be sent to your email. If you do not receive an email, it is likely that you email contact details are incorrect, so please contact the college on tutor@acsf.com.au.

I have forgotten my username, what do I do?

If you have misplaced or forgotten your username for Student Drop Box, please contact the college on tutor@acsf.com.au. They will be able to provide you with your login details.

What happens with an overdue assignment?

An assignment which becomes overdue will inform the college. The college will then contact the tutor and enquire about the overdue assignment.

I am having problems uploading a document?

If you are having problems uploading a specific assignment, please contact the college on tutor@acsf.com.au.

My file is too big to upload to Student Drop Box, what shall I do?

The maximum size of an assignment upload is 64MB. If your assessment exceeds this size, please split the document into two parts and upload as Part 1 and Part 2 of the same assessment number.

What files can I upload onto Student Drop Box?

Student Drop Box will allow word document files, pdf’s and zip files. It is important to upload all assignments in word format; this is so tutors can comment on the documents. Case Studies can be uploaded as a pdf or a zip file.

I am not enrolled into the correct program on Student Drop Box. What shall I do?

Student Drop Box should indicate the program that you are completing with ACSF, is the program is incorrect, please let the college know on tutor@acsf.com.au.

Some of my personal details are incorrect, how do I correct these?

If you have changed address or any of your personal details are incorrect, please contact the college on tutor@acsf.com.au to inform them of the changes.

I am not receiving any email notifications for marked assignments.

If you are not receiving any email notifications from Student Drop Box, the likelihood is that the email address we have for you is incorrect or not working. Can you please check this on your profile page and inform the college of any errors.

I have another problem with Student Drop Box, that isn’t solve with the above FAQ’s.

If there are any other problems that you are experiencing with Student Drop Box, please let the college know so we can resolve this issue. The contact details are – tutor@acsf.com.au.


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