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Functional Anatomy Videos

The following links are videos which help the student understand certain topics within the Exercise Science and Special Conditions module. They are documented throughout the module with the video number relating to the link provided below.

Video 1 Shoulder Dislocation
Video 2 Labral Tears Part 1
Video 3 Labral Tears Part 2
Video 4 Shoulder Bursitis
Video 5 Shoulder Impingement
Video 6 Tennis Elbow Pain Relief
Video 7 Facet Joint Injuries
Video 8 Tailbone Pain
Video 9 No Video
Video 10 No Video
Video 11 Hamstring Strain Initial Treatment
Video 12 How Long for a Hamstring Strain to Heal?
Video 13 High Hamstring Tendinopathy
Video 14 Quadriceps – Common Sports Injuries
Video 15 Strengthening Exercises for Rehabilitation of Quad Strains
Video 16 Top 3 Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome
Video 17 Foam Roller Exercise for your Piriformis
Video 18 Basics of biomechanics
Video 19 Newton’s Laws of Motion and Forces
Video 20 Levers
Video 21 Analysis of an Exercise – Squat
Video 22 Analysis of movement – Squats and press ups
Video 23 Walking Gait Assessment

Please inform the college of any broken links so they can be amended as soon as possible.

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