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Exercise Science Videos

The following links are videos which help the student understand certain topics within the Exercise Science and Special Conditions module. They are documented throughout the module with the video number relating to the link provided below.


Video 1 ‘Intro to bone biology’
Video 2 ‘Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts’
Video 3 ‘Bone Remodelling and Modelling’
Video 4 ‘Anatomy of the elbow
Video 5 ‘Anatomy of the lumbar spine’
Video 6 ‘Anatomy of the Knee Joint’
Video 7 ‘The difference between Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis’
Video 8 ‘Simple Tasks – American College of Rheumatology’
Video 9 Skeletal Muscle Tissue
Video 10 ‘Sliding Filament Theory’
Video 11
Video 12 ‘Fibromyalgia Documentary – Sneak Peak’
Video 13 ‘Runners Compartment Syndrome –Mayo Clinic’
Video 14 ‘Symptoms of a Heart Attack’
Video 15 Understanding Claudication
Video 16 ‘Heart Structure, Biology, Anatomy’
Video 17 Anaemia Symptoms and Treatments – Signs of being Anaemic
Video 18 ‘Angina’
Video 19 ‘Debbie’s Angina Story’
Video 20 ‘Foodmatters – Dr Andrew Saul on Heart Disease’
Video 21 ‘Oxygen transport from the lungs’
Video 22 ‘What is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease’
Video 23 ‘Signs of COPD’
Video 24 ‘Preventing COPD’
Video 28 ‘Pneumonia Myths and Facts’
Video 29 ‘Neuron Activity’
Video 30 ‘Through the human Eye: How We See’
Video 31 ‘Anatomy of the human ear’
Video 32 ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms’
Video 33 ‘Michael J. Fox Parkinson Disease’
Video 34 ‘What is neuropathy?’
Video 35 ‘Top 3 exercises for Sciatica’
Video 36 ‘The Thalamus and Hypothalamus’
Video 37 ‘Diabetes’
Video 38 ‘What is Gestational Diabetes’
Video 39 ‘Hyperglycemia signs and symptoms’
Video 40 ‘Hyperparathyroidism’
Video 41 ‘Hyperthyroidism symptoms and treatments’
Video 42 ‘Treating Hypothyroidism Naturally’
Video 43 ‘Polycystic ovary Syndrome’
Video 44 ‘Human Digestive System’
Video 45 ‘Dr Gunther Von Hahens – The Digestive System’
Video 46 America’s Crazy Obesity Problem
Video 47 Crohn’s Disease –Joseph’s story
Video 48 ‘Coeliac Disease – Signs and Symptoms
Video 49 ‘What is the Pancreatitis?’
Video 50 ‘Gallstones’
Video 51 ‘Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome’
Video 52 ‘Extreme Anorexic Speaks Out’

Please inform the college of any broken links so they can be amended as soon as possible.

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