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Download Help

Help – I cannot download and open a document from the internet!

There may be several reasons why your computer will not open a download file from the internet.  Here are some common reasons and fixes:


1.  Your option to download files has been switched OFF. When you click on the file, originally the File Download dialogue box should come up with a Open, Save and Cancel button. There is also a check box that is selected by default to “Always ask before opening this type of file.” If this check box is unchecked the dialogue box no longer opens when you click on a file. To reset this

– Open My Computer

Drop down the Tools menu and click on Folder Options (or go to “Control Panel” and open “Folder Options”)

– Click the File Types tab and scroll down the list of file types until you come to the appropriate file type extension (for instance, if this was a Word document you would look for DOC)

-Click the file extension and then click the Advanced button

-Reset the File Download dialogue box original settings by checking the Confirm open after download check box


2. Do you have the right software on your computer? This is because you do not have the software needed to save this file. For instance, if you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your computer you will not be able to save a .doc (Word Document) file on your computer. Some software offers free ‘reader’ downloads (such as Adobe, Word, PowerPoint), if not you will have to purchase the appropriate software and install it on your computer if you wish to save this file.


3. Do you have pop-up blockers on? If you click on link and nothing happens, you more than likely have a pop-up blocker installed on your web browser. Most pop-up blockers block any window you attempt to open from a link.

-To override this, hold down the Ctrl button while you click on the link. You can also adjust your blocker settings on your ‘Tools Settings’ in your browser

-To permanently shut this setting off:

– In your browser – Click Tools

– Click Internet Options

– Click the Security tab

– Click the Custom Level button

– Scroll down until you see Downloads

– Under Automatic prompting for file downloads select Enable

– Click the OK button

– Click Yes

– Click OK

– Restart your browser (close the window and open a new window)

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