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Additional Tutor Advice

Communication / Student Motivation Ideas from you

Some tutors suggest they use the following communication methods to assist their students. These are just ideas for you if you’re looking for ways to engage your students:

• Monthly emails about news in the industry or interesting stories from personal experience

• Facebook groups for forums of discussion.

• Some tutors offer their phone number but this is not required.

It’s an additional support service but it’s your personal preference if you want to hand this out or not. In all communication please be mindful of keeping the tutoring/coaching relationship professional and inline with ACSF’s Tutor Code of Conduct.

Tutor Requirements

Do I have to send support emails to my students?

No, but as a tutor/coach/mentor you are required to support your student throughout their course(s). Remember you’re preparing them to work alongside you in the industry, so you want them to represent the industry how you would like to be represented.

Being in touch with your student (this template is suggesting only 4 additional times throughout their course) will not take up much time and can mean the difference between ACSF discovering a problem with students, or a student finishing their qualification on time.

Adequate information and feedback on assignment submissions as per ACSF’s marking guidelines is the most important form of communication, motivation and support for your students.

I want to send my own emails, is this ok?

Absolutely, these are just ideas and templates to make your job efficient and easy, yet still provide support and contact with your students.

At what point do I contact the College if I don’t hear from my student?

If you have tried to contact your student without any success via email, you may wish to place a phone call. If you do not have success, please email tutor@acsf.com.au with the situation and we will try to contact the student also. We will report back to you on a case by case basis.

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